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The Bipolar Forceps/Micro-Scissors (BPMS™) was specifically designed for use during craniotomies but has applications in surgical procedures in Women's Health, Urology, Spine, and General Surgery - any procedure that uses both bipolar for coagulation and scissors. 


Clinicians that are interested in learning more about our technology and its indications for use are welcome to contact us.  Please use the contact form on our Contact Us page, and we'll be in touch.  Please note, the BPMS has yet to be reviewed by FDA and is not commercially available. 

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Clinical Application - Craniotomies

In open brain surgery, there is a repetition of motion by the surgeon and an assistant between the use of surgical micro-scissors and bipolar forceps.  Dissect - Coagulate - Dissect - Coagulate.

The functional integration of these two surgical devices enables the surgeon, with a flip of a switch, to move seamlessly between dissection and coagulation, with a single, hand-held instrument.  The resulting shorter case times are believed to contribute to:​

  • Less time in recovery, less time in the ICU.

  • Less time in recovery means faster times to patient discharge.

  • Opportunities to move some cases into ambulatory surgery settings.

  • Faster Operating Room turnover.

  • Less physician fatigue.

The Divyze BPMS meets CMS' Quadruple Aim.

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